The world as we know it is gone.  With the advances in technology and genetics, man was finally learning to control the world around him. Unfortunately religious fanatics also had access to the same technology.  Convinced that they had the ability to target a specific ethnicity, they released a plague mutated and devastated the general population, including it’s creators.

The Methuselans, a group who fled earth to avoid restrictions on genetic engineering of humans, came to humanity’s aid, bringing with them the GELFs. Genetically Engineered Life Forms. Originally GELFs were animals that were uplifted to be more human in appearance and intelligence, however they had problems editing out the violent instincts.  Unbeknown to the people of Earth, they began altering the human genome to make them appear animalistic in appearance and sold them as uplifts.

Having leveraged several scientific advances including creating armies of GELFs, the Methuselans used a combinations of the stick and carrot to convince the people of earth to accept rule under a Terran Empire’s rule.  As time advanced, so did the genetically engineered abilities of the GELFs.  These advancements culminated in the creation of the XM series of GELFs. XM was shorthand for eXtreme Model and referred to sexual entertainment models. XM’s would be the downfall of the GELF industry. Not long after the third generation XM design was released, was it discovered that they could successfully interbreed with normal humans.  This led to an imperial investigation that proved that that Genomics brand GELFs were actually modified humans.

With proof that GELFs were indeed human, Emperor Howington forced the Senate to declare all GELFs to be human with all the rights and liberties of standard humans.

Today, GELFs exist side by side with humans and other aliens as part of the Terran Empire.  While they might be legally considered human, they face constant prejudice and condemnation from many in the general public who still believe them to be sub human and/or abominations against nature.

Welcome to the 24th century, where being a GELF can really suck!

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