Welcome to my latest attempt at something entertaining.  I’ve been wanting to do this story for a couple of years and originally had planned on doing it as a book, but having worked on several comics for other folks, I thought I’d try taking the story to a graphic medium.

My intention is to try and get one full colored page up a week, however I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up that pace initially.  The first few comics are very high detail and have a lot of stuff in them.  Combine that with my lack of free time and there will no doubt be delays.

I’d like to thank Nellie Mortensen for accepting the challenge of drawing the monster that I’ve created.  Of course, keep in mind that she didn’t volunteer to do this. I’m paying her for her art.  So if you have some spare change around and want to help with the cost of the site, please feel free to use the donate button.