Alas, Ellen, who has faithfully put up with some of my bad decisions and drawn the comic for over two years is leaving Imperial GELF to concentrate on her own comic.

Until I can find a new artist to take over the work, the comic will be on hold.’

HOWEVER— That doesn’t mean that I won’t still be working on things in the background.  I’ve restarted work on Identity Crisis and I’m going to be writing Imperial GELF into a book form.  That means that all the current comics will be expanded considerably AND there will be more content.  Once it’s caught up with the comic, I’ll continue writing the book while I work on getting an artist again.

Eventually, I’ll setup a Patreon page.  People who are interested in supporting the writing project for either Imperial GELF or Identity Crisis will have access to the written chapters prior to them being posted. In the case of IC, it’ll be a 1 month lead time.  For Imperial GELF, the public release will be when the book goes on Amazon.  Right now, I’m not really thinking about Imperial GELF (the book) as something I want to serialize the way I did IC.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that I can serialize it on Amazon and put 4 or 5 chapters for a dollar and see how that goes.

As always, I appreciate your support for my projects!