You’re not seeing things.  That’s Hazel with Bob the Squirrel.  Frank was taking commissions last year, and being a fan of his, bought one.

You’re also probably wondering when’s the comic going to resume? Soon, and that’s not just an idle threat, either.  I’ve had some issues with work, a week of vacation with the family in Albuquerque, and other IRL issues, not to mention my addictions to Planet Side 2, Armored Warfare, and other games of mass distraction.

One of the issues is choreographing the fight scene.  I still can’t draw for crap, and trying to write out what’s happening hasn’t worked too well either.  I’m going to have to combine Football X & Os with arrows, along with martial arts move references from online resources to create something that Nelly will hopefully be able to draw out.  It’ll be 2 or 3 more weeks till the next page, so please hang in there.  I’ll try to come up with something for fillers… maybe text history leading up to the founding of the empire?

Anyway, go visit Frank at his webste,   Say hi, buy his stuff, and become a fan!