Looks like things are getting close to rumble time.  Hazel certainly handles herself different from her opposites, simply sitting calmly and preparing for the fight rather than mouthing off to the crowd. Of course, Sgt Dick is doing plenty to rev up everyone who’s going to watch the fight.

In other news, I’m out of the hospital (and the long term recovery facility) and working from home.  Thank goodness I have decent insurance, or I’d be seriously hurting. I am fighting them on one point.  I went to an “In Network” hospital, however the primary doctor who was taking care of me apparently isn’t in network. I want them to explain that one to me.  If they still refuse payment, I’ll go after the hospital for assigning an out of network doctor without telling me first.

As usual, all art is by Nelly.  Check out her comic using the Furry Experience link at the top of the page.  The story is all mine and you can blame me for it.